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Tulle, Illusion, & Netting Fabric

Tulle, Illusion & Netting Fabric Collection
Choose from;
•54" Tulle Fabric •108" Illusion Tulle Fabric •72" Netting Fabric •Diamond Hole Net Fabric •Glitter Tulle Fabric •Metallic Tulle Fabric •Metallic Net & •Metallic Fishnet Fabric
Used for
Crafts, Fashion, Bridal, Dance, Tutus, Doll Making and Costume,
Also used by Decorators, Caterers, and Florist to add a festive and elegant touch to any occasion.
Unit Size
Tulle, Illusion & Netting Fabric are sold in 40 - 50 bolts.
We also offer Wholesale Tulle, Illusion & Netting Fabric sold in 250 & 500 yard rolls.

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