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Tulle- Info and The Unlimited Things To Use It For


Is a fine, light weight netting made in a variety of weaves and fibers most commonly made from nylon. Nylon Tulle, is of the most common of all fabrics found in an unequaled variety of uses from Haute Couture to everyday apparel, decorations and gift wrappings.
Everyday one sees, tulle bridal dresses, tulle bridal veils, tulle costume, tulle dance wear, tulle tutus, tulle evengwear, tulle decorations, tulle food presentations, tulle hair accessories, tulle gift wrapping, tulle ribbon and bows, and tulle used in toys. offers tulle at wholesale prices in the largest variety of sizes, lengths and colors than any other website. Tulle offered on is made from 100% nylon, manufactured in the United States. We have found less expensive tulle to offer, but for the few pennies of savings we know your families saftey is worth so much more. Imported and bargin tulle is often made from fibers other than nylon, which is inherently Fire Retardant. Since most tulle is used for decorating festive events for you and your family, we strongly recommend when purchasing tulle, to please only purchase 100% Nylon Tulle made in the USA for the Safety of your family and friends.

Common uses of tulle
As large as the following list is of common tulle uses and items enhanced by tulle, we have to admit we only scratched the surface. Tulle is truly remakable in its gifts to enhance and decorate almost anything you can think of. Don't let the inexpensive price of tulle fool you, decorating with tulle fabric is the easiest and most imidiate way to add beauty, color, style and romance to any event with any budget.


Tulle Bridal Veils
Tulle Chair Decorations
Tulle Table Skirting
Tulle Wedding Favor Wrapping
Tulle Wedding Favor Decoration
Tulle Ceiling Decorations
Tulle Isle Decorations
Tulle Flower Girl Dress
Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses
Tulle Wedding Dresses
Tulle Gift Wrapping
Tulle Swags, to close off the ends of pews
Tulle added to the under side of bride and brides maids dresses to create a fuller skirt
Tulle Wedding Decorations
Tulle Decoration on ring bearer pillow
Tulle Princess Dress
Tulle Filler for Flower Girl Basket
Tulle decorations outside Brides Home
Tulle Wrapped Around Banisters at Reception Hall
Tulle Decoration for the princess chair of Bridal Shower
Tulle Decoration for Bride and Groom's Chair at Reception
Tulle Decorated Wishing Well at Bridal Shower
Tulle Wrapped around trellis at Garden Weddings

Floral and Florist

Tulle Accents in Floral Arrangements
Tulle Filler for Flower Girl Basket
Tulle Base of Corsage
Tulle Accents on Bouquet
Tulle Wrapped Bouquet Handles
Tulle Accented Floral Arrangements
Tulle Decorations for Gazebo
Tulle Canopy Over Bride and Grooms Bed
Tulle Decorative Pillows for Bridal Suite Bed
Tulle Decorations and Wrappings on Wedding Scrapbook
Tulle Wrappings for Wedding Favors
Tulle Chair covers at Reception Hall
Tulle Decorate Benches for Outdoor Ceremonies
Tulle Linings for Powder Room Basket
Tulle Chair Ties

Apparel and Fashion

Tulle Shawls
Tulle Wrap Hair Accessories
Tulle Barrettes
Tulle Pet Costumes
Tulle Embellished Clothing
Tulle Trim
Tulle Details


Tulle Decorated gazebo
Tulle Table Cloths
Tulle Table Runners
Tulle Wrapped Around Napkin Rings
Tulle Ties for Cloth Napkins
Tulle Draperies
Tulle Curtains
Tulle Curtain Tie Backs
Tulle Ties for Balloons
Tulle Wreaths
Tulle Bows on Christmas Tree
Tulle Bows on Presents
Tulle Decorative Pillows
Tulle Chair Covers
Tulle Decorated Benches for Outdoor Ceremonies
Tulle Lining for Baskets in powder room
Tulle Chair ties
Tulle Wrapped Around Bassinet Cake at Baby Shower
Tulle Wrap bassinet for Present table at Baby Shower


Tulle Covering over Invitations
Tulle decorated Invitations
Tulle Ribbon on Thank You Card
Tulle Bows on Invitations and Stationary
Tulle Layered in between Program Pages
Tulle Bow on Scroll Program
Tulle Wrapping for Wedding Scrapbook
Tulle Wrapping on Scrapbooks
Tulle Accents on Scrapbook Pages
Tulle Lining for Wedding Album Box
Tulle Decoration on Guest Books


Tulle Wrapped Gift Baskets
Tulle Fruit Basket Wrappings
Tulle Decorations for Candy Boxes
Tulle Wrappings for Chocolate Boxes
Tulle Decorative Displays
Tulle Presentaion Enhancement


Tulle Protection Covering for small and Fragile Plants
Tulle Protection Covering from Insects
Tulle Protections Covering for Berry and Fruit From Birds
Protection from Pests

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