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Velvet Fashion Fabric Collection

Velvet Fashion Fabric Collection
•Stretch Burnout Velvet Fabric •Stretch Crushed Ice Velvet Fabric •Stretch Velvet Fabric
Used for
Fashion including Dresses, Shawls and Scarves. Also used for Decorating including; Drapes and Throws.
Unit Size
Velvet Fabrics are sold in 10 yard bolts.
We also offer Wholesale Velvet Fabric in 25 yard bolts.

6.5 Yards Velvet Fabric X122 Wine


todd label: Velvet

7.25 Yards Velvet Fabric X102 Black


todd label: Velvet

7.5 Yards Velvet Fabric X097 Black


todd label: Velvet

9 Yards Velvet Fabric X090 Black


todd label: Velvet

8.625 Yards Velvet Fabric X107 Black


todd label: Velvet

15 Yards Velvet Fabric X094 Black


todd label: Velvet

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